Meet Frank


I will work for you for FREE!

I will donate my entire salary as commissioner to district 1 to be used for non profit, churches, temples, synagogues, the homeless, the elderly as well as for work education. This is my promise! I have proven myself with over 30 years of public service to the City of Miami, it’s people, it’s residence and NOT to special interest.

I will come into office as a business man and I will leave no richer and no poorer than when I took office. I will not be one of those that is elected to office and leaves rich at the expense of the residences and tax payers of the City of Miami who remain poor or worse off in their quality of life than when others took office. This is my pledge to you.

A Better District 1

Mission Statement

Miami District 1 is a hidden jewel waiting for its rebirth. District 1 struggles with high crime rates, a lack of infrastructure development, a need for more affordable housing developments, business development that lags behind other areas of the city, and a pressing need for more adult education and job training programs for residents of the district. District 1 goal is to advocate for the community by supporting organizations and candidates that are dedicated to the improvement of this underserved area.

A Better District 1 will work with community organizations including nonprofit organizations, churches, and business entities to initiate and support district initiatives including job training initiatives, community, business, and school partnerships to assist District 1 can better support community initiatives that improve the quality of life for its residents.