The following are the some of the concerns that I and a multitude of residents and business owners and other leaders in District 1 have related to me:

I have several ideas how to address this situation starting with the District 1 police commander. I want to share several of my ideas with that person but I prefer that when I take office I will be given the opportunity to assign a person that shares my vision and desire to address the crime issue, the homeless issue, and traffic congestion. One of my visions is by way of, obtaining state or federal grants and/or funds from my office to purchase golf cart type vehicles with police insignias and lights and assign them with a police officer to certain areas and neighborhood with high crime. These officers will either work as volunteers or will be paid off duty rates and will be given a cell phone that all the residents and business owners of the areas that they are assigned to will immediately call them with any concerns or crime violations. The officer should not be more than 3 minutes away from any given area that is assigned to them. I further want to obtain crime fighting grants either from the state or federal government to pay for police overtime/off-duty and have more police presence and visibility. I also want to increase the crime watch and citizen participation in these types of programs and provide them with education and training as to how they can help us help them. To prevent any crime opportunity and/or any drug related activity in the neighborhoods or business areas. I further want to increase the police visibility in our much needed and valued business districts by assigning mounted police patrols/horse police patrols. Every metropolitan city and every nation knows the value of these types of police initiatives and how their visibility has a great impact on crime. These are just some of my ideas.


I want to obtain state and/or federal funds to repair or fix our roads in District 1. As you know most of the roads have not been paved and suffer from wear and tear in lack of maintenance and have pot holes nearly on every road in the district. I will request and demand from the City Manager, the next administrator, and the directors of public works and zoning to provide me with an action plan to emirate these conditions within the first three month of my term. I further, will request and demand when these projects are started, the vendors and/or service providers must be local preferably, if possible, established within the City of Miami proper and must employ at least 40% of the labor and work force to conduct these endeavors from Citizens and Residents of District 1. This will help boost District 1’s economy, address the unemployment rate, and provide a sense of empowerment and participation to those locals employed, in their home town, District 1.

Low income house/affordable housing

I want to attest this situation very seriously as District 1 was the hardest hit with foreclosures/bankruptcy and home repossession by banks during the 2008 financial meltdown/crisis. District 1 still suffers and is still recovering from this devastating economical hardship. District 1 has been long neglected and/or ignored by The City of Miami and its government body. Due to this neglect it has not been able to enjoy and partake in the economic, housing and quality of life standards that other districts within The City of Miami have enjoyed. I will direct my staff to assist District 1 residents to fill out paperwork for any city housing initiatives for first time buyers, elderly, and veteran families. Additionally, I want my staff to seek out, invite, recruit investors and developers to invest and develop without sacrificing the unique character and feel of District 1. I want my staff to also provide innovative and progressive ideas of how we may realize this endeavor. I will also demand and expect the directors of the appropriate departments and their staff to also provide us with ideas and educate our staff as to how we can provide tax incentives and/or matching funds either from state or federal housing projects to assist the developers and investors in the development of District 1.


I want a comprehensive and accurate assessment of our bridges, sewer systems, drain pumps, storm surge systems, street lighting, traffic lights and stop signs and assess their need to upgrade, repair and/or replacement. As you know traffic, aging infrastructure, flooding, sea level rise are all a concern to our residents, our city, state and federal government. We must act locally while keeping in mind that this is a state and indeed a national crisis. Again, I will ask and demand for the department directors for a comprehensive and detailed plan as to how these issues are being addressed and/or planned for in the near future. This situation is multi-facsited and these are just some of my ideas. Obviously, there are more things that I can say about what needs to be done with our infrastructure and the aforementioned, but as our changing climate dictates this must remain a work in progress.

Homes for the elderly

In District 1 we have a great many homes for the elderly. Almost every year these facilities and/or homes run out of state and federal funds and our elderly citizens needlessly suffer without basic needs and medication because of shortfalls. My plan as I have told you before that I will donate my commissioner salary to assist these needy people when these crisis should arise. I will assign one or more of my staff to monitor and address this situation continuously. This my pledge to the residents and business owners of District 1. I will also demand, encourage and expect my entire staff to have a full and complete understanding of the plight that these elderly citizens endure when they do not have these basic quality of life ensuring items. I will also seek through my office and through the City of Miami government to find state and federal grants to ensure that our senior citizens are provided with these basic needs through these grants.

Help and Support

I plan and I will encourage and demand from my staff to participate with any non-profit organizations, churches, synagogues, temples, and/or musks, and provide any assistance, help and support to encourage and ensure that these organizations continue their much needed efforts and participation in District 1.

Youth and Children

As it has been established throughout history, education and training of our youth and children is the way to a prosperous and stable peaceful society. I will encourage and support any educators, trainers, priests, rabbis, pastors, community leaders to begin or continue a youth and children outreach program and provide them with education and training to assist them in the job market in their future. If we don’t, who will?

Immigrants and/or Refugees

As you know District 1 has a great deal of immigrants and/or refugees from other countries. These people enter our society either legally or illegally and are basically thrown on the streets without any education or training as to our laws. Therefore, a great many of these end up violating laws and therefore, are often arrested and incarcerated because of their negligence/lack of training for our laws. I want to encourage the affirmation, spiritual, community leaders and trainers/educators to provide the basic knowledge of our laws to these persons. By doing so, it will cut down a great many of arrests and incarceration by these persons that are unaware of our laws. This will save countless hours of police manpower, court personnel, and therefore, save a substantial amount of tax payers money and reduce “the crime rate.”


Allapatah and District 1 have been neglected in education for many years. District 1 is in need of a charter school. With school choice being important to all families, giving students additional opportunities for growth in learning will only strengthen our access to education in the district. Additionally, my education platform includes addressing children with special needs like autism and others. I have already spoken to several people in this field that are willing to participate, assist my office and staff in District 1 and any other districts, for that matter, and provide education, support. Indeed, we shall have fundraisers to raise funds to realize and provide the education of special needs of these children and families.